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One of many reasons to work with a Realtor

It always saddens me to hear awful stories that could have turned out so differently. I was having lunch with a fellow Realtor who was telling me of what happened to a client of hers.


Why deals fall apart when it comes to financing!

There are many reasons why a home purchase offer may fall apart due to financing. Many of these can be avoided by working on your financing and getting a preapproved mortgage before you even begin your journey to buying a home.


Should you buy a home from the Listing/Selling Realtor?

If you are a buyer, would you not want a Realtor that is working exclusively for you and only has your best interests at heart? Your Realtor may get you an even bigger discount as he/she will work to negotiate what is best for you.


Condo 202 Strata Law, an eye opener!

I have just completed “Condo 202” which is an advanced Strata Law course. Strata Law is so complicated and there are many things that can be missed when buying or selling a condo, or town home or even a home on “Freehold Strata Land”. Something as simple as purchasing a downtown condo in a “mixed use” building (residential & commercial) can bite you if it has not been sectioned. A good example would be a coffee shop on the ground level. The water bill is being shared by all the owners in the building. Guess who uses 90% of the water? Yes, the coffee shop and you could be paying part of their water usage.Another example would be mixed condo/town home development that has not been

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